Celestial Communicaitons

Celestial Communications

Create Brain Body Mandala 

Uses simple upper body movements with mantras reduce stress and integrate the body map.

Celestial Communications quotes from Yogi Bhajan:

“I would like to leave on record, to share with you, that this is the best present I can give to your generations. From that present onward your generations shall benefit from it. You will have something to pass on to those who follow you. But you have to practice it, experience it, understand it and share it.”

“This Celestial Communications which you will do is extremely effective in every part of your being.”

“Celestial Communications is the greatest wonder food for healing the body, mental intelligence, creativity and to uplift the soul and increase the inflow of spirit. It is a very simple, very authentic, most ancient and – at the same time – an absolutely super modern way of making the dumbest, the dullest, and the most boring person very creative, productive, and intelligent.”

“Because you are in the body rhythm of the body language as well as the mental activity to support that, naturally the spirit has to pull its entire weight because you seek success. And meditative success is the highest stage a man can achieve for happiness.”


Celestial Communication Kriya:  Mental Exercises Kriya

As Taught by Yogi Bhajan,  July 4, 1986

  Yogi Bhajan quote for this set: “This will rid you of mental bankruptcy. … Assess how light, happy and good you feel. People have worked one thousand years to figure this out.”

  There are 8 postures that you move through. Put yourself into it completely and merge with the movement like a play you are acting out. Be your Own Actor in Your Own Play. Be very present with each posture and emotional state.

  2 primary benefits: it clears debris and bubblesDebris is what is left over after thoughts and feelings are processed. They create doubt and conflict, disempowering and confusing you, thereby making you hesitate. The bubbles are gaps or spaces that give a sense of emptiness, disconnection, and is the foundation for cold depression.

  This movement therapy creates Happiness through emotional clarity that puts your soul in charge.

  People report that it really makes them feel great and others ask them what they are doing because they seem so much happier. Enjoy!!  Trust you enjoy the benefits as much as Jaap Kaur does. 


  Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine with neck and head aligned for positions 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8. Positions 3, 5 and 7 require some leaning. 

  An easy way to flow with it is to follow this simple memory jogger sequence — front looking to side, look straight ahead, lean right, come center, lean left, come center slapping & close eyes, cock head to right & look up and left, open arms & head straight to Welcome God.

  It is most effective when you use Singh Kaur’s Rakhe Rakhan Har Recording for at least 11 minutes, the full 27 or 31 minutes is better and 62 minutes is very nice.

  Yogi Bhajan gave it for “1 hour and 45 minutes” and said “the effects will be felt over the following 5 hours”.  Jaap Kaur calls this a wonderful excavation & life shift experience.  Jaap Kaur loves it & shares with others often!

Sing along & match the sound as close as you can.

It is a blessing to make a mistake, it is opening new paths across the brain.

Smile and keep up.

Do each posture with one line of Rakhe Rakhan Har.


1. Rakhay rakhan haar aap ubaaria an.

Left arm straight and rest left hand in gyan mudra on the left knee.

Right hand flat and facing to the left at head level.  Place right hand  45 degrees (not to side, not in front, ‘half way between’) forward of right shoulder. Keep head straight ahead but force the eyes to gaze into the right palm. (For optic nerve)


 2. Gur kee pairee paaeh kaaj savaari an

Both hands to brow with palms facing down. Gaze into the distance. (See future and takes away blindness).


3. Hoaa aap dayaal manaho na visaari an

Move right. Place right elbow on right thigh and rest forehead in right palm. Relax left hand on left knee. (Confirmation)


4. Saadh janaa kai sang bhavajal taari an

Bring hands by the side of the head and outboard of the shoulders. Hands tense into a claw and palms face forward. Lock the back teeth together and squint the eyes with tension. This is the hard line to sing along with but keep up. (Grit and inner wake-up)


 5. Saakat nindak dusht knin maa-eh bidaari an

Move left. Rest right hand on right knee. Place left elbow on left thigh and left thumb under chin. Left Index and middle finger press below the lower lip. During this part of the mantra the eyes gaze up and down as far as you can see and into the distance “twice”. (Philosopher)


 6. Tis sahib kee tayk Naanak mania maa-eh

Come to center. Simultaneously slap the face with both hands and close the eyes, leaving them there for the line.   (Parasympathetic Nervous System, Fearless, Absolution)


7. Jis simrat sukh ho-eh sagalay dukh jaa-eh

Cross arms on the chest.  Arch the spine and cock the head right, back and tilt it up. Look up to left with eyes still closed. Internally create a single focus. (Sense reality, adversity, macho, ego)


8. Jis simrat sukh ho-eh sagalay dukh jaa-eh

Sit tall and centered with eyes closed. Arms open wide and angle up 45 degrees (half way between vertical and horizontal), arms straight and palms up. (Welcome God with joy)