Kundalini Yoga Organizations

Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)


Owns & Manages the Teachings –

Trainers, Training Programs, global certifications, approves Kundalini Yoga books, Materials

Global recognition & access to teachings

Products – Books, DVDs, etc

Library of Teachings — KRI link for all to search Lectures, Meditations and Kriyas

KRI Seal – approved (at least 3 resources validate & reviewed) guarantees content accuracy

Supports authors & translate

Approves licenses and monitors KRI Intl Teacher Training programs

Certifies and monitor KRI Trainers for the Teacher Training programs

kriteachings.org (students and teachers)



3HO Foundation (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization)

Intl non-profit dedicated to community by sharing the lifestyle & Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Diversity is key to serving worldwide.

Sponsor events – submersion in community lifestyle

Solstice Celebrations

Summer Solstice New Mexico, Winter Solstice Florida

Yoga Festivals in Europe & South America

Global Meditations; Khalsa Youth Camps


3HO.org– share technology and connections

International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association


IKYTA Associate membership first year with L1TT Course fee

After Certified upgraded to Professional member for rest of year

Annual Renewal

Gurudakshina (11% teaching pay tithing donations)

Referrals, sharing, communication, directory, online

IKYTA – network of teachers, membership support, unity

Promotes for public recognition: its members, 3HO & Kundalini Yoga worldwide

CEUS credits : Solstice, WTY, L2TT, courses, IKYTA training/ teacher conferences, webinars, home study.

Global Associations. Collaborating with KRI for requirements tracking.


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