Clothing & Head Cover



 Clothing for Kundalini Yoga Practice

Natural Fibers:  Linen (highest vibration), Cotton, Wool, Silk


Style Loose (Comfort & Movement),

Modest (reduced distractions), 2-piece (inverted postures)

Color:  White (expands aura by 7 feet) preferred

Light colors or small patterns on  White 


Shawls:  Around shoulders and body (warmth)

Chunis:  Around neck (modest) or Pinned to turban (increase arc line (aura core))


 Head Covers for Kundalini Yoga Practice

Head Cover Purpose:  Cover at least the Crown.

Protect Pineal light sensitive Master Gland,

Stimulate meridian pressure points around head,

Contain hair (antennae, coiled hair over front top of head for men

and back top of head for women draws pranic energy into the spine,

stimulating Kundalini energy to rise),

Teachers (focus, hold more space)


Head Cover Styles    

(**Jaap Kaur sells all these head covers & accessories; see below and text her to arrange a conversation on availability and selecting sizes  602 410 4782)

Bandana: Folded, cover top of head and all front hair, tied at back of the neck. 

Knitted Cap: Covers all hair, tight enough to stimulate pressure points around head

Turban:  Covers all hair, tight to stimulate pressure points around head, Energy is increased more than the knitted cap because all the wraps are pulled tight. 

Indian fabric F74 is easiest fabric to wrap turbans.  Soften & easier to wrap after wash.

Color:  White preferred (expands arc line, core of aura) 

Turban Accessories (Raise Vibration):  Turban Pin, Chakra (ring) 

Really feel the extra boost of the Turban Pin. Brings people’s eyes up to your crown and not down below the face.

Feel the raised vibration in the arc line from the chakra ring around the turban.   

Turban gurdwara
turbans Amrit


 Other Accessories for Kundalini Yoga Practice

Accessories Raise Vibration: 

Kara:  Stainless Steel bracelet that brings strength into energy field.  Wear tight enough that it does not come off with vigorous hand movements.

Adi Shakti Necklace Strengthens energy in field.  2 swords on outside defend, 1 double edge sword up center signifies life has double edge.  Circle in the middle signifies infinity.  Symbol frees any fears or insecurities.


Sword Necklace:  Strengthens & Signifies “I Stand or Fight for those who cannot Stand or Fight for themselves.

Adi Shakti Ring:  May be Stainless Steel or an emblem on a precious stone ring.    


 Clothes, Headcovers & Accessories for Kundalini Yoga Practice


Jaap Kaur had a hard time finding these things early in her practice so as she found good deals she bought them in quantity to share with others.

Turban fabric, chunis, caps, & 2 piece suits:   May soon be Sold in Store menu


Turban pins, Karas & Adi Shakti Necklaces:  Jaap Kaur has a good and varied supply.

Adi Shakti Turban Pins run $150 to $300. Smaller ones are less powerful but are $100. 

  Contact her direct to inquire about these items.

She may be able to help you find:   Life Knife Necklaces & Adi Shakti Rings

For more info and check Inventories —

Text Jaap Kaur  602 410 4782

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