Mala Meditations




Wear them anytime and Meditate with them when inspired!

  Malas are effective meditative tools that help focus and reduce stress to enhance wisdom, patience and health.

People like to meditate with malas in solitude.  Other times people may use them silently during a meeting, discussion or even teaching where they want the support to remain focused, neutral and calm.

Malas are sacred meditative tools so wear them or meditate with them or leave in a respectful place like — altar, clearing stones, in a satin or silk pouch.


Meditating with Malas

  A “Mind Body Mandala” develops as the mind focuses and the hands increase coordination to create a rhythmic soothing pattern.

 You may use either hand and it is good to occasionally switch hands that you use.  

Start with the bead next to the larger Guru bead.  Use the thumb to move one bead at a time toward the body over the meridian point of the finger that is below the bead.  Repeat a mantra on each bead.  The Guru bead descends then ascends on the outboard side to come back to the thumb.  For a 108 bead mala that is the complete round.  For shorter malas it is the end of the repetition.  To continue turn the mala around without crossing the Guru bead.  The Guru bead signifies the end of one repetition; it assists with counting the repetitions for one round (cycle).  The next repetition is like the first with Guru bead descending initially. Repetitions continue until completing mantras 108 times, once on each bead.

   At the completion of 108 beads the Guru Bead is held and the mantra repeated then a prayer.

  The Tassel hangs from the Guru Bead.  The tassel symbolizes a thousand lotus petals.

Using Mantras or Affirmations While Meditating with Malas

  On each bead say the mantra or affirmation aloud or silently.

  The mantra or affirmation can be one word or many words, all of it is completed on each bead.  

Bead Options:

  The traditional number of mala beads is 108 in the Buddhist, Hindu and Yoga traditions. (For instance, the Hare Krishna movement suggests that devotees repeat their mantra 16×108 times daily.) However, many prefer a smaller mala which is easier to use and carry. Any mala less then 108 is called a fractional mala.  Many malas are a fractional number of 108 beads and can be worn around the wrist or neck, or carried in a pocket.

 Any mala less then 108 is called a fractional mala.

Here are the standard sizes for Fractional Malas:

  • 9 beads (12 repetitions equal one complete round).

  • 12 beads (9 repetitions equal one complete round).

  • 18 beads (6 repetitions equal one complete round).

  • 27 beads (4 repetitions equal one complete round).

  • 36 beads (3 repetitions equal one complete round).

  • 54 beads (2 repetitions equal one complete round).

  • 108 beads (1 repetition equals one complete round).

Yogi Bhajan used a 108 bead mala or 27 bead mala


Custom Malas:

  • Jaap Kaur makes Custom Malas with Various Beads, bead combinations, various Tassels and Guru Bead.  She will make any Fractional Mala.  Her primary concern is for the vibrational qualities of the stones to support the person’s needs since people wear malas much longer than they meditate with them.  Since the meditation needs change from time to time it is important for a person to have numerous malas. 

  •  Jaap Kaur can also make bracelets and necklaces to wear all day with stones that promote vibrational healing.

  • For more information and to order a custom mala, bracelet or necklace  —  Text   Jaap Kaur  602 410 4782 

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