Sharing Wisdom to Navigate Life

     Often Jaap Kaur (Kitty Pope) gets questions from individuals and groups asking for support. 

    People will say they want her “advise” and she approaches the requests with an “Inquiry” for people to “discover and assess” options in their own lives. 

    It is more Wisdom than Advise that she shares with others.

   Jaap Kaur (Kitty) has helped many people organize and assess their options and priorities.  Create life goals and compare options to priorities and life goals.  These same tools she applies in her life to opportunities and current situations.  Applies accumulated lessons from all aspects and all areas of past opportunity from Aerospace Engineering, Flying, Kundalini Yoga Training and Workshops, Meditations, Managing teams, Teaching Reiki Sensitivity, Healing with energy and presence.  Supporting People with Hypnosis which talks to the subconscious.  Communicating with sensitivity with Crystals and Plant energies as well as people.

Current  Topics …  YouTube Videos

     She has shared her gifts of Wisdom with many.  She is now sharing on YouTube at the urging of numerous people she has helped to navigate their lives from struggling to thriving or just the next step.

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The Wisdom Topics most requested have been:



How to Raise Children        Video Available Now.

How Parents Thrive            Video Coming Soon. 

How Parents Thrive –
(Video Coming Soon)


      How to Obtain Happiness         Video Available Now

      How to Sustain Happiness        Video Available Now


Peace, Energy, and Joy

      How to Drop Worrying        Video Coming Soon

      How to Stop Judgement     Video Coming Soon

How to Drop Worrying
(video coming soon)

How to Stop Judgement.
(Video Coming Soon)

And More Topics to Follow… YouTube Videos

Supporting Loss Survivors 

Helping people relate to Life Cycle, Death and Dying

Career Development and People Skills

Planning for Retirement, Paying self-1st

     At a sun setting milestone she is celebrating her last year in her 60s by doing so many active and fun things.    You are as Young as you Feel!

    Wisdom:  Life goes by in the wink of an eye.  Enjoy every breath!  Give it all you got and learn to the last breath!  The only answer is “I did my Best!”

   Connects with All Generations:  Kitty always had, and has, friends from 2 years old to 80 years old in her life, ageless, beautiful humans.  She learned from and appreciated them all.

   Sharing:  It is the biggest gift in Life and the Purpose of Life is to “Enjoy It”!

   Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782 for these topics or Others

                Or to Request Private One-On-One Sessions to support You!

                   What Topics Would You Like to See?