Kundalini Yoga Benefits

 What is Kundalini Yoga & What is it Good For?

  Kundalini Yoga is a Raj Yoga, the science of changing and strengthening your radiance to give you an expanded life and greater capacity.  Greater capacity to understand and allow; reduction of doubt and confusion for more happiness and more success in manifesting.  Develops power of awareness and increases potential.  Includes Bhakti (devotion) and Shakti (discipline, skill) yoga qualities.  Activates the 72 thousand Nadis to direct energy.

Kundalini Yoga is Good For  —  Moving, circulating, and integrating energy to support a whole system flow and balancing. 

The results of these flows include:

  1. Unloading Subconscious Mind through meditation

  2. Calming the Conscious Mind through breath and meditation

  3. Increasing promoting feelings of happiness through breath, body movement, relaxation and meditation

  4. Reducing Fears and haunting thoughts, feelings of disconnect, hesitations through body brain coordination using breath, movement and meditation.

  5. Balancing chakra energy systems so energy can flow easily through the body.

  6. Aligning and stimulating meridians through movement and especially placement and movement of the tongue on the roof of the mouth.  The mantras in Gurmukhi language cause the tongue to strike the roof of the mouth often.

  7. Supporting energy flow through the body to improve system functions, especially the nervous system and endocrine system, circulation, digestion, elimination, detoxing,

  8. Promote good skeletal alignment so energy can flow easily as body becomes more balanced without stress on the structure.

  9. Stretches muscles and fascia, provides connective tissue support during the yoga movements.

  10. During relaxation the Kundalini energy and flow of energy integrates to allow the body and brain to do its maintenance and repairs, healing.

  11. Use of Kriya – Results are derived from a completed action.  Moving from one position to another and repetitive movement creates benefits that holding a posture does not.  Some postures are held as well as part of the Kriya process. Sometimes a Kriya completed action occurs from a single breath or movement exercise, meditation.

  12. Delivers you to you.  Promotes your connection to infinity and divinity.

Yogi Bhajan