Kitty’s Hypnosis Trainer was Don Rice.  She began her training in 2002 at New Beginnings Centers, Don Rice, President.  Certified Hypnotist August, 2002.  In November, 2006 she continued Hypnosis training with Don Rice in Don Rice Clinics and certified Stage and Educational Hypnotist.  In November, 2006 she also took additional modules with Don Rice to Become a Rapid Induction Specialist.  Don Rice taught so much in a short time.  He was a masterful hypnotist.  His demeanor and style were contagious.  He helped people others could not help.  He even hypnotized people who were allergic to anesthesia so they could undergo surgery.  And he taught many surgeons to do the same.  He had many distinguished awards.  Kitty feels so fortunate to have known and studied with Don Rice.


    Kitty is also very aware of people’s state, body, mind and energy field.  Kundalini Yoga and many meditations, some for 1000 days, plus Reiki have helped her read where people are and what underlying things need to be addressed.  She gently holds space and smiles as she asks people things that bring them to knowing she understands them on a deep level.


    As Kitty practiced Hypnosis she found more and more effective Self-Hypnosis techniques to serve her when she was apprehensive about an experience or anticipating an upcoming event.  Used it very effectively during dental procedures, prior to public speaking, and while undergoing medical procedures.  She shares those techniques freely.  Visualize self enjoying another place & or experience.  Count up 1 relax relax relax, 2 relax, relax, relax… as far as need to go.


Hypnosis requires:  Good imagination & Cooperation Most.   

   Beyond that Kitty ensures people to Trust they are in a Safe Place with Support.  Belief in process, Owning the change, and Follow-up are extremely valuable and Kitty guides people to understand how and why hypnosis contributes to successful changes in people’s lives.  When people feel very informed and safe they can go deeper and that increases their success rate. 

    Knowing their Subconscious can reframe & change words to what feels best and most helpful relaxes people and helps them co-create good input and results. 


Kitty asks 3 primary questions:

  1. What is your goal(s)?

  2. What do you need and want to Drop to achieve those goals?

  3. What do you need and want to Add to achieve those goals?

More of the person’s wording and language that is used à The faster, more effective hypnosis.

With this information for each hypnosis session Kitty uses very Customized script so the person’s subconscious does not have to work to change the language; the words already fit.


Kitty uses Deep Induction processes depending on what the person needs.

  She lets people know that the last suggestion has the strongest impact, so people help choose and  frame the last suggestion.  Also, they can be assured that for important things she will be saying them 3 times to implant them in the person’s subconscious.  This understanding of the process helps people feel safe and go deeper, improving their success rate.

Afterwards:  The Conscious mind can shift and sustain the work or throw some or all the ideas out. 


    Other tools to help reinstate and re-enforce the change:  Include seeing themselves successful and identifying when old patterns try to return, interrupting them and having a planned touchstone to stay on the helpful progression to their goals.  Kitty shares breath, body and mind awareness and calming techniques.

   Always LOVE YOURSELF.  Hug self — 3 hugs a day minimum! 

   Acceptance:  Always remembering we cannot change anyone, only INSPIRE Them; takes pressure off of us, feel it going; and takes pressure off others & all.

   Acceptance:  Others do things the way that fits their truth and we all evolve, each of us grow at our own rate.  When you see people take hard hits just hold space, send them love and kindness to soften the landing but you don’t take on their stuff.  Observe & have compassion.  Bless all as everyone grows and learns their lessons.  Allow the process, Trust God and the Universe.

   Count Your Blessings:  Daily make a “Blessings List”, things grateful for.  When triggers arise call on that list of blessings, count your blessings.  The biggest blessing is “Thank God I love myself.  My Body, my Mind and my Spirit trust each other to move forward with comfort and ease.”

   Become Positive:  Daily add to a  “What good you can share with others”  list.  Personal goals & hobbies as they evolve, family, community, national, global.  Use any professional and personal tools to comment on things that can help you and others prosper.  Stay positive instead of any pity parties.

   Own your Greatness:    Feel yourself continuing to drop away anything unhelpful in your life.  See and feel your Greatness.  You can prevail and you can succeed in any endeavor you choose.  Feel your Flow, your BALANCE all in divine alignment.

The Future is Always up to the Client


Helping them Own their Changes is the


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