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Ear Coning

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Process Background And Methodology:

   The eustachian tube runs from the lymphatic system up the side of the neck and into the middle ear canal. When this tube is plugged problems can occur. The tube gets packed with toxins that the lymphatic system can’t eliminate.

   Ear coning is referred to as a Healing Art.  Ear coning is a time tested technique dating back 5000 years to Egypt when they first used reeds to transfer smoke to inside of the ears.  

   Jaap Kaur learned Ear Coning in Summer, 2001 at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  She used her engineering science background and observations to fine tune it to be maximize the free flow of smoke into the ears to become even more effective.  An extremely rare occasion a person will need a 2nd coning within a few months after Jaap Kaur does one coning.  Regardless of past history, almost nobody returns in less than 6 mo, most often 1 yr or some 2 or 3 years.

   The semi-permeable eardrum allows the warm smoke and herbs to enter the upper respiratory area and upper lungs to soothe by clearing debris and relieving congestion in upper respiratory system and ears.

   It can reduce itching from mold and fungus, ringing or buzzing from tinnitus, discomfort from pressure differences in ear and upper respiratory area, clear Eustachian tube, clear sinuses, clear hearing and balance inner ear improving balance, few people can discern the changes in the equilibrium from inner ear.

   Candling also relaxes and releases the mind, body and spirit tensions.  . The 9 herb combos cover: antispasmodic, upper or entire respiratory system, stress, decongestant, antibiotic qualities, antiseptic, soothing, combat fungus, anti bacterial, antiviral.  Tea Tree oil is the most antibiotic characteristics to boost the warm smoke that carries it to the impacted area.

   Many people nap as they enjoy the sound of the candle burning much like lying by a fireplace.  It is a very soothing feeling that seems like you are really lying by a fireplace.

   Jaap Kaur uses C & H Waxed cotton muslin cones with herbal extracts or essential oils.  They are very soft and smooth, burn evenly.

   Jaap Kaur has found that a facial rub in the lymph and sinus areas is somewhat helpful but using Reiki is more helpful and the combo is better yet. She does one to two sets of the rubbing sequence then focuses more on using the Reiki Power symbols to send the ear coning healing down the ear canal, middle ear and Eustachian tube and wherever it is needed. After ear coning she finishes up the hour, usually about 10 or 12 minutes, with Reiki with the head positions. 

Jaap Kaur does not make any claims because results vary for this maintenance wellness technique. Much of the results depend on how sensitive the person that is being coned is to subtle differences in balance and clarity.  Also varies with frequency  of use.

                             Many blessings of healing light for Health and Happiness!


One Hour Ear Coning Session

    *Session includes both ears & Free Reiki.

      East Mesa Price-$70 per session

    *Your East Valley Location-$90 per session upon approval, high ceiling

      Adequate lighting and circulation necessary.

Text Jaap Kaur 602-410-4782 for appointment    



Ear Coning Training

Jaap Kaur also trains People to perform ear coning sessions. 

Plan a full day of training, 8 hrs and book an appointment.  You will give and receive an Ear Coning.  You will receive an ear coning folder and various handouts.

Price:  $250   Text 602 410 4782      to make arrangements for Dates. 

Class size, 1 or 2 people, 2 max so Jaap Kaur provides 100% attention to process.