21 Stages of Meditation --For All & Level 3 Support

  21 Stages of Meditation–Three 2-day journeys

         16 hrs per Journey, 48 hrs total

Part of Level 3 Certification Requirement


All People who like Meditation may take it

 No pre-requisites


About 21 Stages of Meditation

KRI frames it “It gives you tools and experiences to deepen your meditation and come to a profound understanding of your Self and its relationship to each meditation and its stage and journey.  Complete three meditative journeys toward Awareness: The Infinite Pulse.

Students and teachers from all contemplative traditions are invited and encouraged to participate in the vibration of this immersive experience.”

Jaap Kaur sees it as a structure and experience to assess where you are.  Where your strengths are and where you have room to grow and expand your light to love and serve all; humanity, your soul, universe, and the divine creator.  A path to oneness with all.  There is always some polish to polish the polish.  21 Stages of Meditation gives you a lot of “How’s” to do that.  Anybody can benefit wherever they are.  

21 Stages of Meditation Can Benefit Anybody!  So, it is open to Everyone who Enjoys Meditation.  No Pre-requisites. 

 Jaap Kaur’s Experience  with “21 Stages of Meditation”

Jaap Kaur took all 3 journeys three times.  The first time her focus was on the Group energy and synchronizing with it.  The second time the focus was on expansion outward across the Universe.  The third time the focus was an expansion within, to the Universe within that was as large or larger than the outside Universe.  All a perspective and opportunities to Expand.   She did not pre-plan or have any preferences for focus, just allowed them to show up organically, with neutrality and acceptance as the observer and participant simultaneously.  Yogi Bhajan said we ‘Condemn ourselves”  and Jaap Kaur views that as Self Limitations.  21 Stage of Meditation helps us drop limitations and be more inclusive in all aspects of our lives.  

  In the process any meditations that felt anything other than effortless and blissful she focused on until the next year and an opportunity to do the whole 21 stages again.  This practice helped her fine tune her meditation skills as well.

   The following 2 years she taught 1/3 then 1/2 of the 6-day course.  Also always, participating and meditating on the days she did not teach.  Teaching 21 Stages expanded her ability to remain single focused in service and at ease while holding space for the group in long enduring meditations.

“Jaap” means Meditate.  When Yogi Bhajan gave Jaap Kaur her spiritual name his direction was “Meditate and Inspire others to Meditate.”  And so she does.

Journeys of 21 Stages of Meditation


Stages in Journey One

Stage 1: Upset Meditation:  To Conquer Upset

Stage 2: Boredom Meditation: See Your Horizon

Stage 3: Irritation Meditation:  Eyeglass Traatik

Stage 4: Frustration Meditation: Self-Hypnosis to Dissolve Frustration

Stage 5: Focus Meditation: For Focus and an Alert Mind

Stage 6: Absorption Meditation: For Absorption in the Crystal Being

Stage 7: Experience and Crystallize the Self Meditation : To Experience and Crystallize the Self


Stages in Journey Two

Stage 8:  Rasa Meditation Series for Rasa

Stage 9: Delight Meditation: For Delight, Destiny and Creative Flow in Life

Stage 10: Politeness Meditation for Politeness

Stage 11: Humility
   Meditation: Bowing Before the Infinite for Humility
   Meditation: Speaking Humbly before the Creative Infinity Meditation: Bowing for Humility to Transfer Prana

Stage 12: Elevation
   Meditation for Elevation
   Meditation for Rasas and the Inner Eye
   Meditation for Elevation

Stage 13—Graceful Enlightenment marks the beginning of the end of duality.  Mastery of the polarities begins at the heart; we quit judging the life we’re living and instead, begin living from compassion, insight, and expansiveness.

Stage 14 Express and Be Your Self The Laya Yoga Kundalini Mantra
   Meditation: To Clear the Channels and Raise Kundalini Meditation on the Laya Yoga Kundalini Mantra
   Meditation: Sankh Mudra Kriya Laya Meditation to Beam and Create
   Meditation: Sukh Sadhana Meditation to Express Your Real Self and Develop the Subtle Body

Stages in Journey Three

Stage 15: Presence Like a Beacon
   Tattva Siddhi Meditation for Presence Like a Beacon

Stage 16: Everywhere Radiance Meditation: Polishing the Radiant Body

Stage 17: Prayerful Stillness Meditation: Deeksha Patra for Prayerful Stillness

Stage 18: Preacher Meditation: Chautay Padma Nirgun Mantra

Stage 19: Teacher Teacher Meditation- Traatik to See the Energy

Stage 20: Sage Meditation for the Sage: Sarb Gyan Kriya

Stage 21: Infinite Pulse Meditation for Infinite Pulse: Sodarshan Chakra Kriya


  21 Stages of Meditation Support for Level 3 Teacher Realization 

Level 3 requires 18 full days of meditation.  21 Stages of Mediation is Required for 6 of those 18 days.  White Tantric Yoga and additional days of 21 Stages of Meditation can make up the remaining minimum of 12 days of meditation requirement.    

   Here is Why 21 Stages is so supportive for Level 3 Teacher Cert

One of the guiding principles of Level Three is that, unlike Level One and Two, there will be no Trainers, instead one Level Three generation will welcome the next.

Level Three journey is highly experiential, uniquely personal, self-initiated and self-directed. It is not a program directed by an individual Lead Trainer; instead, it is a diagonal, peer-supported process, where one’s Peer Group acts as a “mirror” and a “mentor”.

21 Stages of Meditation provides assessments and growth opportunities for Level 3 Candidates to explore and share within their monthly peer groups meetings and within the Melas annual gatherings as a larger cohort.  21 Stages can help candidates explore new avenues for Seva projects and expand their Meditative Mind and Spiritual Maturity.

Level 3 is a Whole Wonderful Self-Guided Journey.  You get out of it what you put into It. 

                                                                 Just like other aspects of Life!


Meditative Mind Goal:

Apply focused Kundalini Yoga and Meditative practices to cultivate and refine the meditative mind.

Seva Goal:

Increase attitude of Selfless Service, Seva.  Align individual purpose to build and serve community.  To build and further the Legacy of Kundalini Yoga.

 Spiritual Maturity Goal:

Develop the integrated presence as Teacher through self reflection, spiritual lifestyle and peer support.

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