Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, and Hypnosis in Arizona

Kundalini Yoga Experience Began practicing Kundalini Yoga over 20 yrs ago in 2001. KRI International Certified Level 1 Instructor 2002 Masters Touch, Espanola. Certified Level 2 Practitioner 2009 (3 of 5 modules were launches, other 2 were in Phoenix, AZ, and audited all modules twice).  Certified Level 3 Teacher in 2018 Beta Group.  Joined Aquarian Training Academy 2007. Certified Level 1 Licensing Lead Trainer 2014 & Licensing Level 2 Trainer 2017 & Trainer Mentor 2018.

Approach is Come from the Heart and let Universal Consciousness be your guide, walk in light, be the light, and shine the light with grace, gratitude & humility. Meet everyone where they are with compassion then inspire and support all with unconditional love and non-judgement to grow their peace and light — supporting themselves and others through the Aquarian Age transition with more ease. Inspires and supports students to continually apply Kundalini Yoga in their daily life as challenges arise. Integrates the use of Symphonic Gong for clearing chakras and all 10 energy bodies. Teaches Celestial Communications meditations and guidelines to open the heart for more joy & love!

Her love for Kundalini Yoga comes from the effectiveness of the technology of Kundalini Yoga, it has been so effective to bring her to peace and neutrality, raising her vibration and intuition to universal consciousness, love, light and healing.

She continues to teach Kundalini Yoga because it helps her and everyone she shares it with! Kundalini Yoga has many tools to help anyone raise their vibration to integrate with the Aquarian Age shifts with ease; dropping judgements and restrictions that cause stress and frustration, increasing awareness.

Favorite class: One room schoolhouse. Kundalini fits all.  All are welcomed — Kids, prenatal women, any able bodies, chair yoga, any special support.

Jaap Kaur is blessed to serve humans with the 5000-year-old technology of Kundalini Yoga that balances body, mind and spirit:  Put your conscious mind in neutral and unload your subconscious mind for peace and calm, strengthen your nerves and glandular system, and uplift your spirit with love, light, and kindness. Serve from the overflow, never depleting. Be the calm and heal with your presence.


Reiki   Master – Trainer

Kitty Pope

(Jaap Kaur)

   Kitty is a dedicated Reiki Practitioner who was fortunate to come to a very pure and disciplined Reiki linage.  There are only 7 Reiki Masters between Kitty and Dr. Mikao Usui, each with tremendous discipline to perform and instruct precise Reiki without modifications to original and prior content as additional developments have been added.  Kitty maintains a strong adherence to the techniques as she co-directs the Reiki energy in her practice and teachings.  All formal training has been with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa of The Healing Source, LLC.  In February 2001 Kitty was Reiki I and II trained and began using it for the benefit of family, friends and some clients.  In July, 2001 she was Reiki III trained as a Personal Mastery Practitioner.  She continued her practice and realized the increase in Reiki energy flow and added benefits of the Master symbol.  One year later she felt an urge to increase her Reiki energy flow and sharing with others on a deeper level.  She began accelerating her practice development and when invited applied as a Reiki Master in December 2002.  After acceptance, she worked on Reiki Master training for 11 months gaining a deeper knowledge of Reiki, applying more techniques, and learning attunements for Levels I and II.  In November, 2003 she was Reiki Master Certified.  After teaching and attuning 50 Level 1 & 2 students she trained and was certified to teach and attune Level 3 for Personal Mastery in 2007.  After teaching and attuning 50 Level 3 students she trained and was certified to teach and attune Teaching Masters in 2014, certified Reiki Master-Trainer.    

   What helped Kitty develop her Reiki energy flow has been a pure diet, daily yoga/meditation practice, and lots of community service.  She became vegetarian June, 2001, vegan July, 2001 and raw foodist April, 2002.  By putting live foods with all their enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and protein unaltered into her body allowed her to be a larger and lighter vessel for the Reiki flow.  She was introduced to Kundalini Yoga in Jan, 2001 and has grown steadily with a daily practice consisting of breathing, yoga postures / movement, and meditation.  Reiki and Kundalini Yoga have been very complimentary in development and support of each other to provide opportunities for each to grow so much faster together.  Also, Kitty uses affirmations, scripture, and prayer daily to saturate herself and the universe with positive thoughts, blessings, and energy.  To serve the universe Kitty works with non-profit organizations but more importantly is ready to lend a hand to do whatever is needed as opportunities arise, like offering treatments to chronically ill people, recovering hospital surgeries, sharing lessons learned, letting others go first, and simple smiles.  This service to others and yoga practice provides a foundation so she can easily place herself on the shelf (getting her mind and ego out of the process) to let Reiki direct the work.

 Mesa, AZ   85205    602-410-4782 (cell text)    jaap.kaur@cox.net    Reiki-Master-Az.com


   Kitty’s Hypnosis Trainer was Don Rice.  She began her training in 2002 at New Beginnings Centers, Don Rice, President.  Certified Hypnotist August, 2002.  In November, 2006 certified Stage and Educational Hypnotist, Rapid Induction Specialist.  Don Rice taught so much in a short time.  He was a masterful hypnotist.  He helped people others could not. He even hypnotized people who were allergic to anesthesia so they could undergo surgery.  And he taught many surgeons to do the same.  He had many distinguished awards.  Kitty feels so fortunate to have known and studied with Don Rice.

    As Kitty practiced Hypnosis she found more and more effective Self-Hypnosis techniques to serve her when she was apprehensive about an experience or anticipating an upcoming event.  Used it very effectively during dental procedures, prior to public speaking, and while undergoing medical procedures. 

Hypnosis requires:  Good imagination & Cooperation Most.   Beyond that Kitty ensures people Trust, Safe Place and Support.  Belief in process, Owning the change, and Follow-up are extremely valuable and Kitty guides people to understand how and why hypnosis contributes to successful changes in people’s lives.  Allowing one’s self to feel safe and go deep increases the success rate. 

    Knowing their Subconscious can reframe & change words to what feels best fit and helpful relaxes people and helps them co-create good input and results. 

Kitty asks 3 primary questions:

  1. What is your goal(s)?
  2. What do you need and want to Drop to achieve those goals?
  3. What do you need and want to Add to achieve those goals?

More of the person’s wording and language is used the faster more effective the hypnosis is.

With this information for each hypnosis session Kitty uses very Customized script so the person’s subconscious does not have to work to change the language, the words to fit.

    She lets people know that the last suggestion has the strongest impact so people help frame the last suggestion.  Also, they can be assured that saying important things 3 times implants them in the subconscious.

    This helps people feel safe and go deep.  Improving their success rate.  Kitty uses deep induction processes depending what the person needs.

    Afterwards:  The Conscious mind can shift and sustain the work or throw some or all the ideas out.  Other tools to help reinstate and re-enforce include seeing themselves successful and identifying when old patterns try to return, interrupt them and have a touchstone to stay on the helpful progression to their goals.  She shares breath, body and mind awareness and calming techniques. 

The Future is always up to client and helping them own their changes is so key to success! 

Keynote speakers

Kitty Pope

Keynote Speaker

   Kitty has applied lessons from all aspects and all areas of opportunity to present situations from Aerospace Engineering, Flying, Kundalini Yoga Training and Workshops, Meditations, Managing teams, Teaching Reiki Sensitivity, Healing with energy and presence, Supporting People with Hypnosis, Communicating with sensitivity with Crystals and Plant energies as well as people.

   She has shared her gifts of Wisdom with 1 to 1300 size groups.  Has a long list, over 30 workshop topics, taught Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training since 2009, Levels 1 and 2.  She is now sharing on YouTube at the urging of many people she has helped to navigate their lives from struggling to thriving.

   The Wisdom Topics most requested have been:  Parenting — How to Raise Children & How Parents Thrive.  Happiness — How to Obtain Happiness & How to Sustain Happiness.  Peace, Energy and Joy — How to Drop Worrying & How to Stop Judgement.  Supporting Loss Survivors — Helping people to relate to Life Cycle, death and Dying.  Career Development and Personal Skills. Planning for Retirement, Paying self 1st. 

   You are as Young as You FeelConnect with All Generations:  She always had, and has, friends from 2 years old to 80 years old in my life, ageless, beautiful humans.  She learned from and appreciated them all.  Sharing:  It is the biggest gift in Life and the purpose of Life is to “Enjoy It”!