Vedic Numerology Training

Vedic Numerology Training

Vedic Numerology Workshops Annually

(Occasional Private Training $90-$150 per session depending the length and depth covered.)

Vedic Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

       Kundalini Yoga addresses all the energy bodies, helping expand and balance their vibrations!

          Each Group Workshop will be a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.  Pace will be adjusted to the group’s comprehension, questions and discussions.

Location Jaap Kaur’s Sacred Space Home Studio.  NE Mesa near University and Val Vista. (Detail Address after Registration)

Materials provided You may choose to bring a notebook to take any extra notes or write in your package.  Seating options vary.  If you prefer to sit on the floor you can bring your own special bolster or seat, some are available.

Text Jaap Kaur for Questions & Reservation   602 410 4782

Provide your Birth Month, Day and Year at Time of Reservation

Vedic Numerology Workshop Part 1  with Jaap Kaur 

NEXT WORKSHOP:  March  24,  2024,  1pm

   4 hours, Discounted Group price $25 each person

  • Receive and Review Personal Numerology worksheet

  • Where are the energy bodies located and description of effects

  • Challenges & Gifts Attributes/Behaviors of 10 energy bodies and 11th Integrated Body.

  • Self-assessment, recognizing which you are using as gifts and which you are letting be challenges.

  • What Energy bodies (frequencies) are missing, are those operating as gifts or challenges

Vedic Numerology Workshop Part 2  with Jaap Kaur  

          NEXT WORKSHOP:  April  14,  2024,  1pm

   4 hours, Discounted Group price $25 each person

  • Learning to Calculate Numerology worksheets (own & those you interact with frequently)

  • Evaluate Attributes/descriptions of energy bodies’ challenges & gifts.

  • Compare & Cross reference relationships—how 2 people can push each other’s buttons & how they can support each other. Differences can complement, similarities can create comfort.

Vedic Numerology Workshop Part 3  with Jaap Kaur  

          NEXT WORKSHOP:  April  28,  2024,  1pm

   4 hours, Discounted Group price $25 each person

  • Share, Discuss, and Learn by Practicing Kundalini Yoga:

  •         Pranayam Breathwork,    Yoga Sets,   &    Meditations

  •       For Every Energy Body !

  • Compare & Feel the Effects. 

  • Guidance on how to Choose & Combine Things that support multiple Energy Bodies.

Note:  Private Yoga Therapy

           Text Jaap Kaur to Schedule an Appointment     602 410 4782                           

  • Private Follow-up Sessions — Individual personal practice to review and support any area of challenges or increase efficiency of any gifts can be scheduled after the any workshop. 
  • (**Discounted $90 for about 2-hour session.  Multiple or longer sessions as requested.)