Specialty Yoga Classes

Many Specialty Kundalini Yoga Opportunities —

Prenatal, Mommy & Me Infants, Mommy & Me Toddlers, Kids Yoga, Teen, Chair Yoga, Couples Yoga, Family Yoga, Addictions

The variations help support each group and their limitations & advantages!

Some classes are shorter than regular classes; 1 hour or 45 minutes or even half hour to fit the

attention skills and special needs of various groups.


PRE-BIRTH Conscious Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga Class for Conscious Pregnancy

Join in anytime!

(May be framed:  Pregnancy, Prenatal, Expecting)

Focused on the gift of giving life by preparing both for delivery and new life.  Gentle and meditative class just for you!

Focused on the gift of giving life by preparing both for delivery and the new life.

Yoga is also beneficial because it helps you learn to breathe deeply and relax, which will come in handy

as you face the physical demands of labor, birth, and motherhood.

In fact, one of the first things you learn in a yoga class is how to breathe fully.

You probably know by now how stressful pregnancy can be sometimes!

During pregnancy, yoga — with the right modifications for your growing abdomen is relaxing.

Unwind and relax at the end of a busy week to start the weekend off peaceful and rejuvenated.

 Yoga can help you bond with your unborn child, create an overall sense of calm and better

prepare your body, mind and soul for childbirth and motherhood. Private instruction is also available.

Conscious Pregnancy Yoga — Balances the Body!  Calms the Mind! Uplifts the Spirit!


Parents are welcomed to attend Kids Yoga.

(May support Bonding, additional common thing to share,

more Family peace and harmony.)

Short gong at the end of class (Kids clear in about 7 to 10 minutes) 

Healthy snacks after class help motivate students to return.

Location: Near Val Vista & University intersection in NE Mesa, AZ

Or host for a special party or family gathering.  Start a Community event in Metro-Phoenix.  If schedule or location does not fit well for Jaap Kaur she knows lots of yoga teachers in Mertro-Phoeinix and around the world.

To Schedule or More info:

Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782

It may be time to re-think Kids Yoga age groups.

This 9 month old is always doing yoga poses.

Sat in Celibate Pose for almost an hour.

Maybe big diapers help?



Baby celebate

 Which Brings Us to Special Young Kids–Mommy & Me Yoga Classes.

Shorter classes

Mommy and Me with Infants 6 months to Toddlers use baby movements that stimulate baby and strengthen mom in  warmups.  Short breath work and and 3-part 9 minute kriyas so mom can get full benefit. Gentle relaxation and short meditations with relaxing baby time between them. 

 If one baby cries others join them.  Solution if one baby starts to cry play soft gentle short gong a few seconds, less than 2 minutes.  Within seconds baby focuses on gong and relaxes.  No babies join the crying, no crying; it is over as quickly as it began. 


Once babies start to wander away and bother or interact with other babies it is time for Mommy and Me Toddlers.  They form a circle with their moms and engage in yoga poses and movements as exercise for focus and coordination.  They have their own words and phrases for poses.  Eyes-hands and eyes-feet movements helpful and Celestial Communication with simple mantras.

As Toddlers mature the classes can become more complicated until children can join the Kids Yoga / Children’s Yoga classes.    

Location: Metro Phoenix, AZ

Host a class or special party or family gathering.   Community event in Metro-Phoenix.  

To Schedule or More info:

Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782

Other Specialty Yoga Groups

Teen Yoga focuses on building Self-esteem.  It is okay to be different and finding happiness within.  Breath work to build energy and stamina; also to calm and cool.  Yoga for strengthening and coordination.  Strong core navel work and learning to project from core to manifest and deliver on commitments.  Improving the ability to keep up and follow-through.

Chair Yoga varies a lot, basically whatever the person can do, their closest approximation,  seeing self doing it perfect in their mind.  Allowing mind to send signals to the body parts that would be working.  So full demonstrations by teacher is very helpful for their self-visioning. Honoring and working with limitations.  Seniors chair yoga varies the most and small movements and small stretches help them. Breath work and meditations can remain powerful and impactful.  Simpler mantras build sense of success.  See 7 chair yoga poses below

Group or private chair yoga classes work well, even integrated into regular adult classes with some teachers.  Jaap Kaur can accommodate anyone needing a chair for any pose or movement during a regular Kundalini Yoga class.


Couples Yoga incorporate special yoga sets kriyas and some meditations for bonding and releasing any hurts and misunderstandings.  Much of the class is breath, yoga nd mediations from adult classes.  Some things from addictions classes to address past deep wounds.  Special focus on relationships.

Family Yoga  is taking relationships to a larger group bonding.

A lot of heart centered support and aura nervous system development for better aura blending.  Increasing cozy sacred space and increasing sustained happiness.  Focusing on similarities rather than differences.

Addictions feel like a desperate group to deal with and Kundalini Yoga classes and daily practice build foundations and keep adding to the foundations so people can start redirecting their focus and have tools to stay on track to their goals.  Special focus on nervous system and balancing energy systems and body chemistry.  Success inspires success.  Addictions focus is a process and typically 10 week series and more series and diversity to follow.  They need peer and outside advocates to ask not tell them where they want to be.


Location: Metro Phoenix, AZ      Private or Group for these populations

Host a class or special party or family gathering.   Community event in Metro-Phoenix. 


To Schedule or More info:

Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782