Private Yoga Classes

 Private Kundalini Yoga Classes


East Mesa near University and Val Vista

$25 for 1 hr 15 minutes Private Kundalini Yoga Class. 

Especially good for people just starting Kundalini Yoga to get a solid foundation and to have correction needs pointed out. 

Mostly alignments, pronunciation of mantras, and some movement corrections since often in Kundalini Yoga we move about 1 joint, trying to keep the rest of the body still.  It is great to start off with a good foundation.   

Sometimes people have a special interest or specific limitations that they want to address, improve and strengthen.

Private classes provide a good foundation. 

A lot can be gained by a private individual session where all the focus is just on you!

Other Private Class Sessions: 

See Numerology Menu inside Yoga Menu for More In-depth Support about the use of

Vedic Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan  —  

Private Kundalini Yoga Therapy

 A Vedic Numerology Based Evaluation and providing meditations and yoga that are used for Daily Practice to expedite growth in all areas and especially areas where you want to develop more. Not a yoga practice class but ensuring student knows proper way to do the recommended meditations and yoga sets.


East Mesa near University and Val Vista

Sessions discounted $90,  typically 2 hours for Yoga Therapy 

     See Gong Menu for Private Gong Sessions.  Very little breath and yoga warmups then long gong for effortless clearing and balancing.  Private therapeutic gong meditation sessions are extremely powerful because the gong is working 1 on 1 just with your energy. 

Price is $70 at Sacred Space Studio , Mesa and $100 at your metro Phoenix location. 

Combining Support (A gong session may be combined with Crystal Bowls, Crystal stones, Tuning Forks, Reiki and or Hypnosis sessions or with yoga class, breath or mantra meditations.  When support varies the pricing is $70/hour.)  Private Workshops may vary.

Text Jaap Kaur 602410 4782 


Private Yoga Class

Private Gong Session