Meditation To Adjust the Magnetic Field

After Earthquake or Other Magnetic Disturbance

  Our bodies and the 2 hemispheres of the brain vibrate in harmony with the earth’s magnetic field and ultimately with the entire universe. When there is a change in our environment, particularly the Earth’s Polar magnetic variation, then we take some time to adjust. Until we adjust we may feel Disharmony or Out of Synch.

  This meditation quickly balances the 2 hemispheres of the brain and brings us into alignment, focused. Jaap Kaur compares the before feeling to feeling behind and confused, trying to catch up and compute correctly. Afterwards feels like she moved to the front of the line and is right on, get it and compute easily. Compare it also to sports when you are simply off your game and there is a shift where you go into the Zone, on your game.


Yogi Bhajan gave this meditation for “after an Earthquake” but many people in my classes have also found it very helpful for any Magnetic Energetic Disturbance, especially helpful after major hurricanes. When there are major shifts people sense it around the world on a vibrational level.


Do it as often as you feel the need.  After large earthquakes and Hurricanes may use it several days in a row. Other times once is enough.


This incredibly effective meditation is one of the true jewels of Kundalini Yoga that Yogi Bhajan gave us. Enjoy, benefit and share with others. But, please tune in first and close at the end, it is part of Kundalini Yoga Technology, that science of angles, triangles, and vibrational alignment.

 DurationKeep Up for 11 minutes. Your left upper arm may complain a little, sometimes elbow, or bicep or shoulder. So do what you can, even 7 minutes or 9 minutes are beneficial. 31 minutes for Maximum benefit, but 11 minutes is incredibly effective and easier on the elbow and shoulder.

Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma


Setting up

Extend your right arm straight out to the side and parallel to the floor. Palm up and close the right fingers inside the palm layering like a conch shell. Wrap the thumb on top of the fingers to keep them closed.

Extend the left arm straight out to the front and parallel to the floor. Palm up and cup the left hand.


Move into position

Bend the right elbow so the open end of the right fist (conch mudra) points to the right ear and a few inches away.

Bend the left elbow so the left cupped hand comes over the left ear but is cupped so deep that it will not strike the ear but strikes the side of the head around the ear with even and firm pressure to the jaw, neck and skull.

Eyes Open: Look at the tip of your Nose.



Hold the right conch fist steady a few inches from the right ear and with the opening pointing to the right ear like a microphone receiving the sound.

Strike the side of the head using the left cupped hand in rhythm with “Sa Ta Na Ma”. Strike slowly making contact with the head on “Sa”, on “Ta”, on “Na”, and on “Ma”. One round should take 6 to 8 seconds, or about 1.5 to 2 seconds per syllable. Chant silently as you strike your head, “Sa, Ta, Na, Ma”. This chant is very clearing and is Sat Nam (true identity or self, own internal truth) broken into the primal sounds.

Keep both elbows up! Keep up the silent chanting! Keep eyes focused at the tip of the Nose!



  Use of sound current or mantra, usually with specified mudra (hand positions), body positions, and eye positions.  Acts like a windshield wiper clearing the clutter from the subconscious mind and bringing calm. Reduces reactionary responses and improves ability to cope with stress.

   While you may do meditations on their own it is not advisable to do only meditations and exclude breath work or yoga for months. Breath work and yoga start the energy flowing and prepare you for the meditation as well as ground you providing a strong lower triangle foundation for the upper triangle awareness development. 

  Sit in easy pose (cross legged) with spine straight, neck and head aligned with spine. Eyes are closed. Hands are in gyan mudra (index fingers touch crease of 1st joint of thumb applying slight pressure, other 3 fingers straight and palms up) and rest on your knees.

Inhale long and deeply filling lungs, abdomen, let chest expand and then shoulders rise slightly. Suspend that breath and only let the air leak out as you chant the following sequence without pausing 3 or 5 times on one breath.

   This Mantra means “There is one Creator, Truth is the path to Sweetness”The effect is a clearing of the subtle energy in the aura or magnetic field surrounding the body and clearing of the subconscious mind. It cuts away worries and obstacles to provide a clear path to things you are trying to manifest. It is also for protection in vulnerable situations. It can elevate the self beyond duality. It magnifies the power of the words used after it is chanted so choose your words wisely and project them positively.

  While it is not the most well known meditation, Jaap Kaur has experienced incredible shifts and watched others make tremendous change with it. When the going is tough this mantra is tougher. It can be done anytime of day and for longer or shorter periods. She feels blessed to have it!


Ek Ong Kar

Sat Gur Prasad

Sat Gur Prasad

Ek Ong Kar

Chant 3 or 5 times on 1 breath.


Chant 3, 7, or 11 minutes.

To finish Inhale fully, suspend the breath as long as you can and sit silently while you are aware of the energy generated and flowing and hear and feel the mantra vibrating in your cells.   Exhale completely.  Repeat 2 more times.