Practicing At Home Elements


Kundalini Yoga: Yoga that builds awareness or intuition, strengthens the body by strengthening the nervous system, balances the body systems and muscles, increases breath control and capacity, calms the busy mind for peace and harmony. It increases flexibility in the body and mind. It uses breath, mantra or sound current, specially sequenced postures, specified angles, mudras or hand positions, eye and mind focus to achieve the desired harmony. Combining all these elements helps energy to rise up the spine and body’s energy centers. There are different sequences and combinations that benefit different physical systems in the body (nervous, circulatory, glands, immune, lungs, digestion, etc) and reduce stressful emotions (fear, anger, resentment, doubt, etc) for more positive focus. Not only does it burn calories but stimulates the metabolism so other activities use more calories making it a great way to start the day.

If you do the Yoga Set, attempt all exercises. You can shorten exercise durations proportionately but the combination creates the effect and are as given by Yogi Bhajan.

Always tune in before beginning any Kundalini Yoga (breath, yoga or meditation combination).

Always close at the end of any Kundalini Yoga (even if it is just a breath, yoga or meditation).


When to do Home Practice: Most beneficial if done 2 1/2 hrs before sunrise, or upon rising. It is also effective 2 1/2 hrs before sunset. But it is great any time! For more energy do it in bare feet and with comfortable white natural fiber clothing and head cover.

1. Breathing: Always inhale and exhale through the nostrils unless specified otherwise.

2. Spine-Neck-Head Alignment: Sit tall with good posture for seated postures. Keep the spine straight. Keep the neck and head aligned with spine so energy can rise easily. A simple way to verify your alignment is to check that your head is over your heart center and your heart center is over your pelvic.  It will make doing the exercises and meditations easier and more effective. Look in the mirror and tilt your chin up and down until the head is straight in alignment with the spine and chin parallel to floor. Notice how that feels and copy that for great benefits and more energy with less effort.

3. Music : You can play something uplifting and peppy during the breath work, warm-ups, and yoga set. Play something soft and relaxing during the relaxation. You can chant along with meditation music or chant alone.

4. Honor Your Body: You are where you need to be. Be grateful and know you will grow and become stronger. Honor any past or present injuries. Be gentle to yourself. Put effort toward stretch goals as you give yourself an honest workout that is right for the moment. If you cannot do a posture, do the closest approximation that you can, lean in the right direction and you will gain benefit. During an exercise if you need to pause, keep doing the exercise in your mind’s eye sending signals from your brain to those parts of your body that were moving. As soon as practical, resume the physical movement.

5. If you do the Yoga Set:  Attempt all exercises. You can shorten exercise durations proportionately but the combination creates the effect and are as given by Yogi Bhajan.  Reminder —  Always tune in and close.


6. Format Sequence:  Tune In,  Breath-Pranayam,  Warm-Ups,  Yoga Set,  Relaxation,  Meditation,  Close

Bless you!  Enjoy the wonderful day you are creating!