Crystal & Stone Vibrational Healing


Crystals and Stones Vibrational Healing Philosophy

   Don’t be afraid of using and owning stones.  People say man is robbing Earth of stones.  Stones don’t leave the Earth; they just move around to some places where they can provide needed benefits.  They like being appreciated.  Jaap Kaur has more crystals than anyone she knows.  Everything has a vibration and especially stones and crystals. She senses and feels each of their vibrational frequencies and their impact/benefit.  Everything has a resonant frequency.  Stones are as unique as Plants.   Jaap Kaur always holds a stone and evaluates its energy and healing power before she selects it.  If it’s meant for someone else she moves it on or leaves it for others to evaluate.  She can sense who or what needs the stone often.

Stones provide Great Energy, Support and Clearing of space and people in that space.  Animals and plants like stones too.

Below are some of Jaap Kaur’s favorites that she uses a lot.  She prefers raw stones from nature, especially collecting them from mines or getting them close to source.

 Favorite Stones and Crystals with Great Benefits”

Petrified wood Jaap Kaur hand-selects from huge piles at a Wholesaler in Holbrook, Arizona.  If it is not strong and grounding she returns it back into the pile.  Petrified wood is very grounding and helps crystals that have a high frequency work without  people getting spacey.  Settled, balancing, grounding, healing while the other stones contribute their benefits.  Currently her favorite combination is Black Tourmaline to clear negative energy & protective shield and balances chakras, Citrine to power up Tourmaline plus increase prosperity and Petrified wood to ground and settle more for powerful healing or clearing.  And it is always nice to have Selenite around to keep energy moving.  Selenite is great to cleanse, clear and charges other stones.  Works faster and better than sun or moonlight, or salt. Especially good around you while sleeping. Cleans jewelry and other personal items.

Hematite focuses energy and emotions to balance body mind and spirit. Dissolves negativity, boosts self esteem. Protective and grounding, Promotes good sleep so may keep it near you while sleeping.  Obsidian is also grounding.

Especially helpful are the EMF clearing stones; Black Tourmaline and Shungite do a lot of that work to clear the living space or for a person to wear when going out of their own home energy cocoon. Obsidian and Malecite also contribute to EMF clearing.

Carnelian, amethyst and labradorite are especially good for protection. 

Peridot is for calming, harmony, renewal, compassion, heart energy center, the center fulcrum chakra.  A Peridot mine is so wonderful to just hang out around and very nice to have the peridot stones all around inside and outside of a living space.

Rhodolite is great to meditate on for its inspiration and emotional healing, kindness and spiritual growth.  It has almost a Mothering energy.

Turquoise is expansive, elevates spirit toward universal consciousness.  Great to meditate or wear on a day you need extra kindness and purifying in the places you plan to go.


Never leave the Quartz out, especially the Rose Quartz for its heart energy kindness & Clear Quartz for its ability to move and clear energy.  Cherry quartz brings energy up, motivate.  Lemon Quartz for abundance, prosperity and focus.   Tangerine quartz is for letting go with acceptance and moving on.

Orange calcite is for removing obstacles so prosperity can flow.  

Blue Beryl helps bring next steps, way ahead, & openness.

Tiger’s eye comes in many colors and has many benefits like inner strength, courage, clarity, grounding.

Emerald green calcite is great for heart, resonant frequency matches and sets rhythm of heartbeat.  Makes it prized as a natural pacemaker planet Earth made for us.  It helped Jaap Kaur get off beta blockers after a heat stroke and low blood pressure created arrhythmia. 

Amazing to meditate with especially meteorite, so expansive.  Moldavite is a healer’s stone, supports spiritual growth, evolution and transforming.  Purifies aura and slows aging.

Copper supports many organs, bones and connective tissues. Especially supports cardiovascular system, blood purity and iron absorption.  Chrysocolla is a copper silicate stone, found around malachite and azurite.  Prosperity and harmony, discretion and neutral thinking.  Balances and strengthens the heart, tranquil.  Decreases nervousness and irritability.


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