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(Summary — What 10 Bodies Are & How Impact) Yoga Therapy Sessions Training — How to Calculate, Read and Compare Charts. How to Support
10 energy body
energy bodies

10 Energy Bodies & Numerology as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.  (Vedic Numerology)

Everyone Ultimately Masters All Frequencies or Balances All 10 Energy Bodies!  Goal, All Become/Use as Gifts!

Each person is born with a specific set of lessons/challenges to work on & helpers to support the process.

 And born with a set of gifts/strengths with a helper to support, projection and base, destiny.

Some let their Gifts BE Challenges (Lost Opportunity/Unused Gift), Some Use their Gifts as Gifts (Hooray)!

Some let their Challenges be Challenges (Keep Working), Some Converted & Use their Challenges as Gifts (Hooray)!

So, Jaap Kaur calculates your numerology (& few significant People in your life in Part 2 training) as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Lessons and Gifts you signed up for this lifetime. 

As we go through Energy Bodies/Frequencies see where they fall in the charts! 

Are you letting their gifts be gifts?  If not, shift!  Get busy converting them to gifts you earned!

Has everyone converted their Challenges to gifts? If not, Shift!  Get busy converting them to gifts, your job/karma!   Take note of energy bodies to work on/shift!  Take note of how you can support someone not using their gifts or not working on their challenges to convert them to gifts.

10 Energy Bodies &  Vedic Numerology  —  Maximizing Opportunity

Planet Major Theme for the Year:  Use the Opportunity to Your Benefit, always aware how to manage it.

2023 Numerology for Planet Overall Yearly theme for planet:  7 Subtle Body Uplift & Inspire Self and Others.  Helper:  5 balance                                                                                                 

2024 Numerology for Planet – Overall Yearly theme for planet.  8 Pranic Body, Strong Energy, Regenerate easily to keep going.  Deliver with ease and fearless.  Use strong Breath, eat less, direct energy to healing.  Access Universal life force energy.  Manage time and other resources well, delegate finding ways others can contribute and all deliver with ease.       Helper: 6: cozy sacred space.