Yoga Warm Ups

 Yoga Warm Ups are Optional

They can be added to increase flexibility to support the Upcoming Yoga Set. 

Yogi Bhajan did not use them and he did say they may be used when helpful.

Below are Examples of Warmups:

Kundalini Yoga asanas (exercise or posture) — Do alone or as a part of warm-ups.

Archer, Cat Cow or Frogs can be used as warmups by themselves

or in combinations with other things.

Warm Up series Flexing from the bottom of the spine to top of the Head

Frogs:  For Balance, Brings Creative Energy from Lower Triangle to Upper Triangle, Strengthens Legs and Arms, Lubricate Joints, Expand Aura. 


Begin by standing with your toes apart for a strong foundation and heels in full contact for nerve stimulation.


As you squat down keep your heels in contact and lift them off the floor. Spread your knees as far apart as you can and balance on your finger tips (not your palms or fingers). If you have trouble with your knees let your thighs, fingers, and arms support you with the movement throughout the exercise. Bring your head up high and look straight ahead. (If you lean your head forward looking down or flatten your hands down the energy cannot rise up easily. Squat tall.)           This is the Exhale Position.


As you inhale bring your hips up by straightening your arms and legs out completely straight. During the inhale also bring your head down between your arms. Move them at the same time with coordinated motion. But, maintain heel contact and keep heels off the floor throughout the exercise.


Keep breathing and moving at your own pace for as long as you can. Some people find it easier to go faster, some slower. If you have trouble with your knees remember to let your hips, fingers, and arms support you with the movement throughout the exercise.

Set mini-goals and celebrate often!

Each movement cycle up and down is counted as one frog. Start as low as 3, then 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, 21, 26. Then go 26, brief rest then 10; then 26 brief rest, 15; then 27 brief rest and 27. When you think you can go straight through then go to 54. Then you may do 54, brief rest, 27. Then 54, brief rest 54. When you think you can go straight through then go to 108.

Wherever you are is fine, you can gain great benefit by doing 26 a day or whenever you choose.

 You will be surprised by the incredible results – balance, physical strength, and increased energy and well being. Enjoy.


Cat (Exhale)

Navel to spine, arch back, chin to chest

Cow  (Inhale)

Navel to floor, Sway back, Head up

Benefits:  Flexes the Spine, Strengthens the Back, Calms the Body & Mind, Increases Stamina

 Warm Up Series

Warm Up series Flexing from the bottom of the spine to top of the Head

(Or Select Warm Ups as Needed for a Yoga Set Preparation.   If use them all, keep them in Sequence)

Lower spine flex: Sitting in easy pose (legs crossed), inhale forward and exhale back as you rock on hip sit bones while keeping shoulders & head relaxed and fairly still. Hold your ankles with your hands.

Flex lower
Warm up Flex lower spine

Upper spine thorax flex inhale while pushing your chest forward, exhale while pushing your back behind you. Same sitting posture but the hands are on knees.


Torso twists: hands on shoulders, nose moves with head, inhale left, exhale right, twist about waiast.

Warm torso

Shoulder shrugs: Hands on knees, shoulders raised up toward ears with inhale and allowed to relax and drop down with exhale.

WArm up shoulder shrugs

Neck rolls: Inhale, as exhale drop chin towards chest. Slowly rotate head right. Inhale in back & exhale in front. About 3 to 5 rotations. Halt at center. Then rotate head left. Still inhale in back, exhale in front. Rotate left same number of times. Inhale Up!