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Wheel ways cropped

Wheel Pose — Honor Your Body!  See Yourself Perfect where You Are!

Kundalini Yoga — a Real Powerhouse of Energy

We Can Harness the Energy & Put it to Work in Our Lives,

Ride the Big Waves with Ease.

Yogi Bhajan referred to it as the “Jet Plane of Yogas”.

MAJOR FOCUS: Powerful Breath work, Fueling the Pranic Body, vital energy.  Movement and Chanting powered by the breath. Courage / Fearlessness; Converting anger or agitation to calm steadiness and joy.  Manifest Endurance and persistence, tirelessly. Elevate the frequency energy to its highest caliber–healing and inspiring. Both through linking to the infinity of the frequency. We grow strong to recognize the lessons of the Aquarian Age and face them with grace, compassion, and fortitude.  We build resilience and fortitude to flow with ease as we let our intuition and universal consciousness guide us.
Kundalini YogaA combination of many yoga forms for specific benefits. Yoga of Awareness, similar to aerobics but gentler. Uses breath, physical postures in sequence & at specified angles, mudras-hand positions, eyes, locks or tightening of energy centers, meditations — mostly with mantras or affirmations causing tongue to strike meridian points in mouth. Relaxation integrates the energy that has moved, using it for healing. Predominately it works on nervous system, strengthen and expand it and glandular system to improve immune system and awareness. Put the busy mind on shelf, clear subconscious or psyche. Opportunity for soul to connect to nature, universal creator, or infinity.
Jaap Kaur is an internationally
Kundalini Research Institute
Level 3 Yoga Teacher.

Student Comment: V.L. of Phx “I have been taking Kundalini Yoga classes off and on with Jaap Kaur (Kitty) for awhile now and I love it. I still consider myself to be new to the practice of yoga and I can say that I have never felt out of place in her classes. Kitty explains the set that we are doing and also the reasons why we are doing it. She is an inspirational teacher and guide. The universe put her in my life at just the right time, I have learned so much and am so grateful.”