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Hard to Find Items & Zoom Topics: 

Hard to Find Yoga Manuals 

Hard to Find CDs and Music for Yoga Meditations and Yoga sets.

Remote Location?  Zoom Classes Private or Group; Teacher Training


Hard to Find Items & Remote Support

   Jaap Kaur’s intention and mission is to help others find and use the best

Kundalini Yoga tools to maximize benefit!

 Kundalini Yoga Manuals

  Jaap Kaur has accumulated over 100 manuals and books related to Kundalini Yoga.  Some of the ones she considers very effective she has in stock for students and teachers.

  Regardless of where you want to purchase manuals Jaap Kaur is willing to help you assess which manuals will address your interests.  

Kundalini Yoga Music

  There are specific tracks that are more effective in supporting mantras to deliver the results the meditations were designed to support.  Jaap Kaur has assessed many albums/CDs/tapes/tracks for their effectiveness.  She is happy to share her experience to help you identify best tracks. 

  When you cannot locate the music online then she will likely have copies of them in CDs or tapes.  Not all resources have been uploaded online yet.  It is sad to limit future benefits to the online options.  Jaap Kaur’s prayer –one day all will be online, leaving nothing behind that Yogi Bhajan taught and inspired.

Zoom or Other Online Video Support

  If you are in a Remote Location and cannot find the Kundalini Yoga support you need reach out to Jaap Kaur.  She will help you locate someone in your area or will provide online support to you. 

  Private yoga classes or Yoga Therapy using Vedic Numerology, inclusion in workshops or teacher training can all be supported. 


  Jaap Kaur’s licensed 2024 (Jan 13-July 14) Level 1 Teacher Training is approved Hybrid, some students may attend 100% online.  Jaap Kaur provides pre and post course weekend support to online students.  Digital materials all provided. 

Her time Zone is Arizona (always Mountain Standard Time).



Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782 to arrange a Conversation