Why Use Sheepskins for Kundalini Yoga?

Sheepskins are very helpful !

  When you use a sheepskin it separates you and your aura from the Earth’s magnetic field and others’ energy and auras.  Enough separation to give you a more complete and expanded aura.  Your expanded, separate, uninterrupted aura helps you have a more effective, better experience doing your breathwork, yoga and meditations easier.  Especially helpful with meditations.

   The sheepskin will also hold your energy so you get more benefits easier and faster each time you use it for breathwork, yoga and meditations.  Use the same sheepskin at home and wherever you go to do your yoga and meditation practice.

   Sheepskins are soft to your body so sitting for long periods is not as challenging. It is easier on your feet if you are jumping or moving up and down.  Soft on the back when rolling back and forth.  It’s deep pile can help keep you from slipping.    It may make it harder to grip your feet into the floor for stability and balance so in those cases just fold the sheepskin out of the way and use the yoga mat.

When you travel use a travel size to place in the airplane , car or waiting room seats.  Especially good to place between the sheet and mattress in motel rooms.  Separates you from the energy of the other people that slept there.  Holding your energy will make you sleep better.  Extra nice to create a cocoon of your energy by also placing a shirt or sweater over the pillow and a small shawl over you, then pulling the bed covers over top of the shawl.  The sheepskin will make it easier to do your yoga practice in a strange room where others’ energy lingers.

**If have difficulty locating or choosing a sheepskin Jaap Kaur can help you select one.  She keeps nice sizes of single pelts from small travel to extra large, double and quad pelts; sheepskins for sale in stock.  She found it challenging to locate nice sheepskins when she began yoga practice so once she found what worked best she started helping others get them.

See Store or Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782


    Sheepskin Care

    Recommendations Vary!

      Recommended and Discovered Care processes that work for Jaap Kaur:

      Care begins when you buy your sheepskin.  Fold it over gently, 1 fold for travel skins, 2 times for medium skins and usually only 3 folds for large single pelts.  Fold Double pelts twice and quads 3 or maybe 4 times if skin is flexible. That will keep from crushing the pile and breaking it down, important for the sheepskin longevity. 

       Keep it stored out of foot traffic areas.  If you have curious pets or children that want to share it place it on a taller shelf, in a closet keeps it protected from dust.

       When the pile starts to pack down or clump up on the ends it is far easier to put it in an “air only” dryer (NO HEAT) for about 15 to 30 minutes.  Depends on how much fluffing up is needed and dryer.  Advantage– dryer will also take out loose particles and dust or dirt. Roll it skin side in.  Works for quad too and can leave dryer on 40 or 45 minutes if it has been a while since you air dried it.   They come out fluffy as new most of the time.

      If you get a small soiled area clean right away using just a little water on the fibers that are soiled, do not soak down to the skin unless the soil gets down that far.  Better to use magic eraser or sponge to manage the minimum water,  fluff up and let it dry on its on, then fluff again.  If it would not fluff up with your hands can try a gentle brush pulling outward, not pushing down.  If that is not enough then can also place in “air only” dryer for 10 minutes after dry.  If soil will not come off with water then use a small bit of gentle liquid dish soap like Dove or Dawn.  After soil is removed with the soap then gently rinse the pile that the soap touched with a sponge again. Follow the dry and fluff options described. 

       Jaap Kaur finds the above care works best to keep sheepskins nice & last a long time.

       Other processes are widely recommended:  Take caution if you decide to try them.

    . Do not wash.  Do not bleach, Do not iron, Do not tumble dry. Dry clean, normal cycle.  Wool is soil-repellent and hard-wearing.

    • Care instructions: dry clean with non-trichloroethylene solvent.  Brush pile to achieve original texture when dry

    • Care Instructions:  In order to maintain the sheepskin Rug fur structure, regularly give it a well shake. That can remove the dust and dirt, and brush it over regularly with a pet brush. DO NOT wash the sheepskin rug, because washing it might lead to shrinkage. Please go to professional wool care when necessary.


    Jaap Kaur Feedback —  

     Dry Cleaning professionally.  Jaap Kaur recommends that you make sure the company has experience with sheepskin care.  Some people have been very disappointed in the results in the pile and skin, even some stains did not come out.

        Washing in bathtub.  That was the first recommendation that Jaap Kaur heard and tried.  The pelt took a long time to dry and the skin was very stiff.  The sheepskin was significantly in a worse condition.