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Master-Trainer Jaap Kaur


                      Discounted Reiki Treatments:    $70 Full hour 

Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782

                             “Very Pure Usui Lineage”

            Only 7 people between  Jaap Kaur & Dr Usui

Reiki Training Course Options:

Kids Reiki (4 hrs.) Simplified & shortened Reiki I, kids language. Attunements open energy channels so universal source Reiki energy flows for life.

Reiki I (8hrs) History, How Reiki Works, 5 Pillars, Self-treatments, Harmonizing & Treating Others, Benefits of each Hand Position, Sciatic Nerve & Limited Access treatments. Attunements open energy channels so universal source Reiki energy flows for Life.

Reiki II (8hrs) Scanning, Beaming, Symbols, Long Distance Healing, Full Treatments, Tandem Treatments, Combining Reiki with Breath and Meditations. Attunements place symbols in energy field to use to co-direct & augment Reiki Energy flow & ability to send long distance healing through time & space for life.

Reiki III (8 hrs) Personal Mastery. Master Symbol, Advanced Energy Field Scanning & Clearing, Expanded Full Treatments & Traffic Reiki. Attunements place symbols in energy field & ability to heal with the power of a master.

Teaching Master Reiki-Master Trainer (3 Levels). Learning to teach and attune Levels I & II, Learning to teach and attune Levels III, Learning to teach and attune Reiki-Master Trainers. Each Level requires practice and experience to support new students in the highest way. Self-Paced program. Attunement places symbols in energy field to use to clear self and students & increases usage of symbols and Reiki Energy flow.



  • Taught individually     Kids Reiki $50.     Reiki I $100.     Reiki II $175.   

  • Same Weekend Reiki 1 & II $250.                                       

  • Reiki III Personal Master $250.            Reiki Master-Trainer ~$3500.

  •    **Yoga Students & Military Special Payment Plans**


What Reiki Is and How Reiki Works

Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing    Reiki

Usui is the founder.

Shiki is improvement of.

Rhoho is method, treatment or system, as a healing system.

 REIKI:   Rei   Spiritual Light, God consciousness   

                    ki  chi, Pranic life force energy

Sometimes referred to as “prayer energy” or “universal life force”

Reiki is a healing modality that works on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  The applications are limitless and it is only complimentary to and speeds up all other healing modalities.  It is one of the few forms of healing that actually crosses the brain blood barrier. Following a series of attunements Reiki or light energy flows in through the crown chakra, engages other charkas and comes out of the hands in your energy field saturating your aura to protect and heal you while it flows to the client.  It is not energy from you as the case of natural healers, but rather energy from the ethers, universe, or heavens so it flows even if you are not feeling well.  It can’t do harm but only help the receiver and giver.  The practitioner cannot determine the outcome.  Reiki goes where it is needed, it guides you (easier to be guided with eyes closed), so there is no need for diagnosis or attachment to outcome.  By following the hand positions and sequence practices, Reiki provides an even distribution of energy to major organs and energy flow systems (meridians, lymph, blood, nerve signals).  Physical manifestations are often rooted in emotional or mental causes, Reiki will help release stress regardless of the source (recent or long past).  One nice aspect, without the conscious decisions of the practitioner there is no karma or attachments to the outcome.  The healing results from raising the vibration levels of the energy fields in and surrounding the body integrating and bringing them back into peace and harmony.  When the energy is balanced the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual disharmony dissipates.  It can be used on any person, thing, or situation.  People receiving and giving Reiki treatments see/feel/sense Reiki differently.  It is a unique experience for everyone, but with many commonalities.  It is a tool and gift you can give to yourself and others for benefits.


Reiki   Master – Trainer

Kitty  Pope( Jaap  Kaur )

  Kitty is a ‘dedicated’ Reiki Practitioner who was fortunate to come to a very pure and disciplined Reiki linage. There are only 7 Reiki Masters between Kitty and Dr. Mikao Usui, each with tremendous discipline to perform and instruct precise Reiki without modifications to original and prior content as additional developments have been added. Kitty maintains a strong adherence to the techniques as she co-directs the Reiki energy in her practice and teachings. All formal training has been with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa of The Healing Source, LLC. In February 2001 Kitty was Reiki I and II trained and began using it for the benefit of family, friends and some clients. In July, 2001 she was Reiki III trained as a Personal Mastery Practitioner. She continued her practice and realized the increase in Reiki energy flow and added benefits of the Master symbol. One year later she felt an urge to increase her Reiki energy flow and sharing with others on a deeper level. She began accelerating her practice development and when invited applied as a Reiki Master in December 2002. After acceptance, she worked on Reiki Master training for 11 months gaining a deeper knowledge of Reiki, applying more techniques, and learning attunements for Levels I and II. In November, 2003 she was Reiki Master Certified. After teaching and attuning 50 Level 1 & 2 students she trained and was certified to teach and attune Level 3 for Personal Mastery in 2007. After teaching and attuning 50 Level 3 students she trained and was certified to teach and attune Teaching Masters in 2014, certified Reiki Master-Trainer.

   What helped Kitty develop her Reiki energy flow has been a pure diet, daily yoga/meditation practice, and lots of community service. She became vegetarian June, 2001, vegan July, 2001 and raw foodist April, 2002. By putting live foods with all their enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and protein unaltered into her body allowed her to be a larger and lighter vessel for the Reiki flow. She was introduced to Kundalini Yoga in Jan, 2001 and has grown steadily with a daily practice consisting of breathing, yoga postures / movement, and meditation. Reiki and Kundalini Yoga have been very complimentary in development and support of each other to provide opportunities for each to grow so much faster together. Also, Kitty uses affirmations, scripture, and prayer daily to saturate herself and the universe with positive thoughts, blessings, and energy. To serve the universe Kitty works with non-profit organizations but more importantly is ready to lend a hand to do whatever is needed as opportunities arise, like offering treatments to chronically ill people, recovering hospital surgeries, sharing lessons learned, letting others go first, and simple smiles. This service to others and yoga practice provides a foundation so she can easily place herself on the shelf (getting her mind and ego out of the process) to let Reiki direct the work.

Mesa, AZ          85205     602-410-4782  (cell text)

Reiki Head