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Since 2004  — Jaap Kaur has been Playing, Selling and Teaching

others around the planet How to play the Paiste Symphonic Gongs.

Symphonic Gong:Symphonic Gong: Most meditative instrument, uses vibration to cover all human frequencies, energy centers. Produces relaxing benefits similar to meditation, exercise, and breathing but without physical or mental effort (gong does the work). Rejuvenates Parasympathetic nervous system (ruled by sound) & regulates sympathetic nervous system (ruled by sight)

Private Gong Sessions.  Very little breath and yoga warmups then long gong for effortless clearing and balancing.  Private therapeutic gong meditation sessions are extremely powerful because the gong is working 1 on 1 just with your energy.  Price is $70 at Sacred Space Studio , Mesa and $100 at your metro Phoenix location.