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Yoga Therapy Vedic Numerology Sessions

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Vedic Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan comes from India and is an effective tool to look at your year or your life opportunities.


East Mesa near University and Val Vista

Jaap Kaur also uses Vedic Numerology in her daily life and yoga classes to help direct themes of possible challenges that are upcoming. Vedic numerology is a tool that can be used similar to astrology, numerology or personal goal projection.

Private Yoga Therapy is about 2 hours long per session. The Yoga therapy includes pre-class intake of birthdate and what you want to work on. The session includes numerology evaluation and assessment of various breath, yoga, and meditations to provide you with personal practice options that will help you grow tremendously on the things you want to work on. Modifications are determined that provide max benefit and are right for your state of physical condition for each posture. Modification transitions as you strengthen are also identified.


Private Yoga Therapy by appointment.  

In person, over the phone or Zoom.  Discounted  to $90 per 2-hr session.

Text Jaap Kaur 602-410-4782