Varied Retreat Opportunities


Varied  Retreat Opportunities

  Locations can vary to Support group budgets & seclusion interests, great shopping, beach interests, Mountain interests, etc.

  2-day Ashram Lifestyle retreats for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Jaap Kaur teaches/leads yoga, videos, activities, varied meditations.  Staff supports food prep.  Jaap Kaur has done 5 of those.  Next one is Spring 2024 as part of Level 1 Teacher Training. 

Retreats for Level 2 Teacher Training and 21 Stages of Meditation for Level 3 Teacher Training are Collaborations with other Level 2 Lead Trainers.

   Other retreats are a Collaboration of teachers and trainers.

Themes and topics can Vary to Support the targeted group.  Can include themes listed below or any other themes the group may be interested in.  Customized to support Group & the Times: 

*Authentic Relationships & Conscious Communications

*Withstanding Pressures of the Times

*Processing with Negative, Positive and Neutral Minds on Silence

*Long Meditations followed by journaling, Soul Walk & Talk

*Use of Malas and Tratakum Gazing Meditations

*Morning Sadhanas Yoga and Meditation

*Celestial Communication Importance of Body Mind Mandala

*Clearing Depression and Anxiety, Strengthening Nervous System

*Critical Health Impacts, Proper Alignment, Breath & Self Talk

*Coping with Unhelpful Stress, Vitality and Helpful Stress

*13 Principles of Yoga Movement

*Owning Nobility by Blessing Self with Grace, Gratitude& Humility

*7 Steps to Happiness

*Removing Obstacles & Delivering Prosperity with Projection

*Healthy Vibrant & Detoxing Foods

*Ultimate Health and Wellness


             Text Jaap Kaur at 602 410 4782 to arrange a conversation.