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Current Metro Phoenix Public & Private Class Offerings

                           Kundalini Yoga, Gong, Reiki, Hypnosis, Raw Live Food, Ear Coning, Crystals,

Keynote Speaker, Yoga Clothes, Sheepskins, Yoga CDs, Gongs

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2025 Jan-July Level 1 Teacher Training Planning Underway — Details Soon Text Jaap Kaur to reserve your Place.  Very much same as 2024 course.

Jaap Kaur (Kitty Pope)  Current Metro Phoenix

Kundalini Yoga Classes


Sundays 7:30am-8:30am

ZenLife Center for Healing,         

Queen Creek, AZ  Cancelled for Summer



Wednesdays 6:45pm-8:00pm

Upward Light Healing,         

Mesa, AZ


Live It Well class

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Metro Phoenix / East Valley, AZ


Upcoming Gong Events

(See Gong on Menu Bar for Details)


June 22 – ZenLife, Queen Creek, AZ  2pm  (Summer Solstice)

June 22 – Upward Light Mesa, AZ   6:30 pm (Full Moon & Solstice)

July 20 – Upward Light Mesa, AZ   6:30 pm (Full Moon)

August 17 – Upward Light Mesa, AZ   6:30 pm (Full Moon)

September 14 – Upward Light Mesa, AZ   6:30 pm (Full Moon)

October 19 – Upward Light Mesa, AZ   6:30 pm (Full Moon)

November 16 – Upward Light Mesa, AZ   6:30 pm (Full Moon)

December 14 – Upward Light Mesa, AZ   6:30 pm (Full Moon)

                           December 21 – ZenLife, Queen Creek, AZ  7pm  (Winter Solstice)

     Gong Private, Sales & Playing Training –Text Jaap Kaur 602 410 4782 

Full Moon Gong Prayers!

Print and fill it out, fold it under your mat or cushion, meditate, then burn it outside.

Happy New Year!!!   May 2024 be the best year so far and keep improving each year as we grow and glow!

Infinite Loving Kindness!

Pass it on…

Jaap Kaur


 Private Kundalini Yoga Classes


East Mesa near University and Val Vista

$25 for 1 hr 15 minutes Private Kundalini Yoga Classes

Private Kundalini Yoga Therapy

 A Numerology Based Evaluation and providing meditaitons and yoga that are used for Daily Practice to expedite growth in all areas.


East Mesa near University and Val Vista

$70 / hr session for Yoga Therapy 

     Gong Private, Sales & Playing Training  see Gong Menu

Text Jaap Kaur 602410 4782 

See Reiki on Menu Bar for Reiki Offerings Details 

                     with Reiki Master-Trainer  Jaap Kaur

Discounted Reiki Treatments:    $70 Full hour 


Reiki Training COURSE PRICES:

Taught individually     Kids Reiki $50.     Reiki I $100.     Reiki II $175.   

Same Weekend Reiki 1 & II $250.                                       

Reiki III Personal Master $250.            Reiki Master-Trainer ~$3500.                       

 **Yoga Students & Military Special Payment Plans**

Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782

 See Health & Happiness on Menu Bar for Details of

Private Hypnosis, Raw Live Food Training & Class Recipe Packets, Ear Coning, Keynote Speaker Offerings

      Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782 

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