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Kitty Pope

Keynote Speaker

     Kitty has applied lessons from all aspects and all areas of opportunity to present situations from Aerospace Engineering, Flying, Kundalini Yoga Training and Workshops, Meditations, Managing teams, Teaching Reiki Sensitivity, Healing with energy and presence, Supporting People with Hypnosis, Communicating with sensitivity with Crystals and Plant energies as well as people.

     She has shared her gifts of Wisdom with 1 to 1300 size groups.  Has a long list, over 30 workshop topics, taught Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training since 2009, Levels 1 and 2.  She is now sharing on YouTube at the urging of many people she has helped to navigate their lives from struggling to thriving.

The Wisdom Topics most requested have been:   (All Video links on Wisdom Page of More Health & Happiness on Menu Bar)

ParentingHow to Raise Children (Video Now)   &  How Parents Thrive.   (Video Coming Soon)

Happiness  — How to Obtain Happiness  (Video Now)  &  How to Sustain Happiness.    (Video Now)

Peace, Energy, and Joy – How to Drop Worrying  (Coming Soon)   &  How to Stop Judgement. (Coming Soon)

Supporting Loss SurvivorsHelping people relate to Life Cycle, Death and Dying. Career Development and People Skills. Planning for Retirement, Paying self-1st.

At a sun setting milestone she is celebrating her last year in her 60s by doing so many active and fun things. 

You are as Young as you Feel!

WisdomLife goes by in the wink of an eye.  Enjoy every breath!  Give it all you got and learn to the last breath!  The only answer is “I did my Best!”

Connects with All Generations:  Kitty always had, and has, friends from 2 years old to 80 years old in my life, ageless, beautiful humans.  She learned from and appreciated them all.

Sharing:  It is the biggest gift in Life and the purpose of Life is to “Enjoy It”!

             Text Jaap Kaur   602 410 4782 for these topics or Others

Yoga Related Topics that can be adapted to Address any Audience.

Alignment, Locks, Dhristis, Mudras workshop is extremely helpful for all yoga styles to be able to use these yogic tools. There are about 15 different examples during the class and meditations.  People said after a couple weeks how powerful it was at helping them get more out of their yoga experiences.  Principles can be applied in everyday life for more energy and overall health.  Alignment especially can help prevent or reduce lifting or twisting injuries.

The Art of Authentic Relationships is about 60 slides and mostly lecture but intriguing/engaging/thought provoking.  Before I deliver it I downsize it change some framing group that shows up each time I present it (I do that for all topics anyway).  

Body Map (aka Body Mandala) and Celestial Communications is a great experiential workshop.  Background on why Celestial Communication and body movements are needed.  Guidelines are easy and understandable. Do 3 or 4 easy examples, feeling benefits from each as we go.  Then do 2 or 3 meditations with the group members creating movements following the guidelines. Then doing a powerful one called ‘Mental Exercises’ that is effective quickly for about 11 min; when more time is available practice it up to 31 minutes for more impact.  It clears so much, debris and gaps in mind that cause hesitations and disconnection.  That one makes people very happy and clear.   Supports clearing depression.

Brain Body Mandala:  Celestial Communications are Simple movements that reduce stress and integrate the body map.

Celestial Communications as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Benefits/How it works, Effective examples, Yogi Bhajan’s special guidelines, practice creating movements using guidelines. Empower yourself & open the heart with this wonderful Kundalini Yoga meditation technique.    

Celestial Communications is a beautiful way to meditate through upper body movement with music/mantra. Yogi Bhajan said that it is very powerful for rewiring the brain and integrates body and brain. It clears excess haunting thoughts and opens the heart center. Celestial Communications – A good recipe for experiencing happiness!  Life is great and getting better

Clearing Stress from Suicide Attempts, Loss of Loved Ones to suicide or addictions, Addictions and Relapse Prevention of Addictions.  Can be extensive series or shorter highlights talk.  Framing this depends on audience.  This explains what leads to these issues and keeps people in their struggles loop.  Then mostly tools to clear and shift to uplift – breathwork, yoga, meditations.  Belief systems.  Self Empowerment, dropping guilt and anger, etc.  All Yogic perspectives.  This theme was a video created and basis for a class series on Addiction.  All 3 groups have very similar needs.  Packages are vast.  Two parallel 6-week series were developed.

Neutral Mind –Yogic tools that address reactionary negative mind, then positive mind extremes and bouncing back and forth, finally moving to neutral to be observer, weigh options, see outcome.  Can intersperse this workshop with numerous 7 minute gong relaxations to expedite the process.  It was the first Kundalini Yoga workshop Jaap Kaur/Kitty Pope ever did and still so very accurate and fast for clearing to give room to think and enjoy life.  2 hrs to 4 hrs

Prosperity – Clearing obstacles between where you are and prosperity, projecting prosperity, owning prosperity. Celebrating prosperity.  Can be short with highlights or dive deep for half day session, weekend or even a retreat.

10 Energy  Bodies and Numerology workshops Part  1 Understanding, Part 2 learning to compare, Part 3 Tools to resolve issues.

Pranayam Breath Series and Breath Walk, Breath is essential, and we need to understand how it can shift our mental, emotional and physical states of well-being.  And how to recognize quickly when the breath is not as supportive as it could be. Conscious breathing can calm and slow body systems and mind.  Powerful breathing can energize us to do tasks quicker and more efficiently.  The first thing we do when we are born and last thing before we die is take a breath.  All in between we breathe.  Optimizing breathing is food for our body, mind and spirit.

13 Principles of Yoga Motion is a series of things that direct energy flow in yoga postures.  Description, understanding and examples the class tries for each principle.  This will help people improve their yoga posture regardless of where they are.  Can transfer the tools to support body alignment in any activity.  Alignment is King.  When systems are aligned the energy can flow easily and all body functions improve as well.  Brain gets information quickly with strong nerves, the nerves are the highway of communication between the Body and Brain.


Chair Yoga for Kids and Adults Stress Relief.  It includes tips for schoolteachers and administrators to deal with classroom behaviors and help guide children before testing or stressful events.   Can support seniors with stress of losing independence, supports simplification.  This topic is often offered for community outreach.  Can reframe this for any age group to deal with testing or job interviewing or any certification they are approaching.

Chakras & Other Energy Systems.  How to tell when they are functioning well and when not.  How to improve their function for easier, happier communication and other aspects of life; full of energy and clear thoughts, creative juices supported when they are aligned and healthy.  Conscious Communication can be separate assessment highlight talk, workshop or 6 day Kundalini Yoga training where communication is assessed by which energy system/Chakra people are speaking from.


Yogic framing of Life Styles,  & Yogic View of Life Cycles (Stages) of Life:  Whole 6 day Level 2 course, or 1-2 hr talk on highlights or 4-hour workshop.

Vitality and Healthy Stress:  Methods and exercises, breath designed to charge your system to optimize health and then enjoy life better.  Part of 6 day Level 2 Kundalini Yoga module.

Withstanding the Pressures of the Times: Calming, Ways to Release Physical Stressors, Brain Balancing, Strong Nerves & support Will Power to regulate thought to deliver.  Effective Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness & Self Care to rejuvenate and prevail over outside and inside pressures.  This topic is provided as a 3 hr workshop with collaboration with Cathy Regan Kewal Kaur.  It can be expanded for a day or several days, easily formatted for a retreat.

Crystals and stones and their vibrational support for people and the planet harmony.

Raw Foods and their Benefits.  Food as Medicine. Medicine as Food.

Simple Detoxing Support we can do at home.  Food as Medicine. Medicine as Food.

Benefits of Reiki

Benefits of Ear Coning

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Conscious Gardening

Conscious Art of Eating, Consuming for better digestion and better mental attitude

Reiki Head yoga