Kundalini Energy Rising Path

What is Kundalini Rising Path?

  Kundalini energy is latent energy that sits dormant between the 3rd and 4th Lumbar vertebrae (3rd chakra region, body center of gravity (2 finger widths below the belly button when balanced in correct location).

  Pre-requisite for Kundalini energy movement is for incoming accumulating energy (prana) and eliminating outgoing energy (apana) to be strengthened and balanced at the 3rd chakra.

  1.   Kundalini energy starts traveling from the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae down to the first chakra (root, below base of spine at perineum).

  2.   Spirals up the central column of the spine to the crown (top of the head).

  3.   Spirals around the Pineal Master gland (7th chakra).

  4.   Spirals down and around the  Pituitary Master gland (6th chakra).

  5.   Spirals down and does two double loops, 2 infinity symbols  (5th chakra).  Honoring power of the Word.

  6.   Spirals down and around the heart center chakra (4th chakra).

  7.   Spirals down and around the navel center chakra (3rd chakra).

  8.   Spirals down and around the bladder and sex organs chakra (2nd chakra).

  9.   Spirals down and around the first chakra below spine at perineum, root chakra (1st chakra).

  10.   Returns to its starting place (between 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae).


  Some Kundalini energy is dispersed all along the path, spine and chakras. At the crown some of the energy flows to the arc line and aura.  The aura envelopes the whole body so receives some energy from all the chakras.

Kundalini rising
chakras chart