Dedicated Training Team


Jaap Kaur Khalsa ( Kitty Pope ) Lead Trainer,  Mesa, AZ  (email, Text 602 410 4782).   Began Kundalini Yoga 2001, India yatra, Masters Touch Immersion Level 1 Teacher Training with Yogi Bhajan 2002 & other courses until his 2004 passing.  Level 2 cert 2009 & Level 3 cert 2018.  Teaches Kundalini Yoga classes, workshops, gong events, retreats, Levels 1 & 2 Teacher Training, & 21 Stages of Meditation.  Philosophy is come from the heart & let the Divine & Golden Chain be your guide.  Serves the teachings with grace, gratitude and humility.  Inspires & supports all to drop non-promoting judgements & self-limitations, to focus on promoting thoughts & behaviors to grow & deliver prosperity on all levels.  Monitors & supports all students to grow from where they are & open horizons to more options of joy as they serve from the overflow.  Will deliver majority of course as Licensing Lead Trainer.



Nam Kaur Khalsa, Professional Trainer, Santa Barbara, CA.

She had the blessing to teach with Yogi Bhajan in the Original Masters Touch Immersion in 1996. She is an authentic Yogini who has been living the Kundalini Yoga practice & lifestyle since 1974. Her primary goal is to deliver the teachings with purity & help new teachers become confident in doing so. She enjoys sharing stories about her time working closely with the Master to found IKYTA & standardize International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.


Siri Atma Singh Khalsa, Professional Trainer, Santa Barbara, CA.    He served as Yogi Bhajan’s personal physician for the last eight years. Yogi Bhajan called him a medical intuitive & pure healer.  Dr. Siri Atma began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 1979. He loves to teach what he has experienced from decades of personal practice. His philosophy is that listening to the voice of your soul & living purely brings authentic healing, & the knowledge innate in you is the voice of your soul. Every moment you ‘live your truth’ you create a wave of enlightenment that serves to inspire others.


Tera Kaur Khalsa, Professional Trainer, Santa Cruz, NM.    She considers herself a legacy student of Yogi Bhajan, an avid & consistent yogic practitioner, a devoted Sikh, Level  2 certified & Level 3 Teacher in process.  Her joy is to share her experience and wisdom from having practiced Kundalini yoga teachings for most of her life.  Her philosophy is that Kundalini Yoga is the science that gifts us the fulfillment & experience of our highest & true Self through intuition, awareness & hearing & trusting Guru’s guidance, our innate guide.  She enjoys teaching asana, deep meditation & in-depth training on various aspects of yogic practice & experience.